19 Agustus 2022

Every 17th of August is celebrated by all Indonesians as independence day. INASTEK is no exception, the excitement of independence is felt through competition activities. All members of INASTEK gathered at the Sawitsari office to celebrate the 77th independence of Indonesia. The competition started right at 14.00, starting from the crocodile pool competition, sarong relay, flour relay, magic broom to tug of war. The participants seemed enthusiastic and lively in the competition, as if for a moment they were separated from the busyness of daily office activities. At the end of the competition, the excitement of the competition increased when the tug-of-war champions challenged the INASTEK board of directors to compete for strength and the board of directors won the tug-of-war competition. On the sidelines of the competition, there were door prizes, competition prizes, and awards for member of the year which this year was obtained by Dwi Heru S from the production department.